USBKill / NFCKill Pro Pack

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Each USBKill / NFCKill Pro Pack includes:
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The world's best hardware testing tools in one pack: The USBKill Pro Kit and NFCKill.

Incredible value! Save up to 97€!

In the pack:

  • USBKill Pro Kit (Standard or Anonymous)
    The world famous USBKill - available in Standard or Anonymous versions. Trusted by penetration testers, security experts, hardware designers and law-enforcement worldwide, there is only one USBKill device.

    Latest generation USBKill v3 with full accessories - Adaptor Pack v3 and Testing Shield.

  • NFCKill (Standard or Professional)
    The world's only RFID Secure Deletion Solution and RFID Fuzzing Device. Securely and permanently disable RFID tags in compliance with US Data Retention laws and EU GDPR laws. Test and harden RFID hardware against surge attacks.

    Latest generation, available in Standard or Professional Editions

USBKill / NFCKill Pro Pack customers enjoy the following benefits:

  • Free International Shipping Tracked from the warehouse to your door
  • Huge Discount Save up to 97€ when buying the Pro Pack.


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The USB Killer is not a toy. It is developed and sold as a testing device. 
While the device is shielded and tested for safe use, it remains a high-voltage device. No attempt should be made to open or modify with the device.

Sale of the device is subject to strict terms and conditions, including:
- No sale to minors
- accepts no responsibility for damage or losses, physical or otherwise, direct or indirect, related to the use of this device.
- Wilful destruction of third party material with this device is illegal and not condoned by