USBKill V4.0

The new USBKill
has been upgraded.

The most powerful USBKill ever. New unstoppable attack modes. Remote controlled. The ultimate pentesting device.

More Powerful

Stronger discharge, unlimited run time, bypasses all USB-C & Lightning security.

New Attack Modes

Smart-phone, BLE Remote Control, Time-delay, Hidden Magnet Trigger and Classic.

Test Everything

15+ Adaptors, including: USB-C, iPhone, VGA, DisplayPort, HDMI, MicroUSB & more.

Never miss a target

Internal Rechargable battery means the USBKill V4 even on devices that are switched off.

What is the USBKill? ↷

The USBKill is a device that stress tests hardware. When plugged in power is taken from a USB-Port, multiplied, and discharged into the data-lines, typically disabling an unprotected device.

See the USBKill in action ⚡

Watch the V4 Pro tested against a 2020 Macbook Pro, iPhone 11, Samsung S20, HDMI TV, DisplayPort, Network Device and more..

Used by penetration testers, hardware manufacturers, law-enforcement and industrial clients world-wide, the USBKill has been adopted the industry standard for USB Stress-testing.

The USBKill V4 caters specifically to industry needs: significantly more powerful, more flexible, more covert and more compatible.

Meet the USBKill V4

The USBKill V4 brings automation, remote control, improved discretion, enhanced performance over a vast vulnerability surface.

Learn more now.

USBKill V4 Feature Overview

⚡ Powerful Hardware Update

The USBKill has evolved beyond a simple plug-and-zap device. The new V4 hardware framework enables advanced functionality and performance.

Aside from more powerful discharges and improved stability, the V4 has an internal, rechargeable battery, which allows for "Offline Attacks" - where the host device is not turned on.

"Offline Mode" also bypasses all known USB-C and Lightning (Apple/iPhone) security protocols, rendering the V4 the ultimate device for testing smartphones and modern hardware.

⏱️ Advanced Attack Modes

The USBKill has evolved, and so have the ways to use it. V4 Introduces single pulse and continuous pulse attack modes. By default, the V4 will not activate until triggered - giving pentesters and LEA ultimate discretion. The V4 can be triggered in multiple ways:

  • Remote Trigger: Trigger a single or continuous attack via dedicated remote control, up to 100m away from the device.
  • Smartphone Trigger: Control and trigger single or continuous attacks via the included Android and iOS smartphone app.
  • Timed Attack: Schedule a date and time when the USBKill will trigger. The V4 can stay dormant without power for over 200 days.
  • Magnetic Trigger: Trigger the USBKill with a magnet (stylish and covert magnetic ring included) by passing your hand over the device.
  • Classic Mode: Triggers the instant it is plugged into a USB drive.

🔌 Exhaustive Accessories

The USBKill V4 boasts extensive accessories and adaptors, preparing you for any situation.

  • USBKill V4 Tester: The V4 Tester has been completely redesigned to function as a multi-function shield device, providing high-voltage protection and juice-jacking protection.
The V4 Adaptors are broken into two familes, Basic and Advanced.
  • Basic Adaptors: USB-C, Lighting (iPhone), MicroUSB, MiniUSB, USB-A Female.
  • Advanced Adaptors: USB-B Male, USB-B Female, VGA (DB15), HDMI Male, HDMI Female-Female, DisplayPort Male, DisplayPort Female-Female, RJ45 Male, RJ-45 Female
The V4 accessories open a vast attack surface for pentesters, covering all possible types of hardware: smartphones, computers, laptops, printers, televisions, network equipment, USB drives, external harddrives, and much more.

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USBKill V4 Pro

The Professional version of the V4 has wireless, remote & smartphone control, internal battery for offline attacks, is compatible with all accessories, and can be configured in Classic Mode (plug-and-zap) mode.

Pro: Kit → Pro: Standalone →

Tactical Pack

Designed for Penetration Testers and Industrial clients, the Tactical Pack has every device, accessory and adaptor available, in a professional tool case.

Tactical Kit →

Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses the USBKill ?

  • Penetration Testers Both Red and Blue teams use the USBKill for disabling mission critical hardware, testing "fail to open" systems, forcing behavior and testing staff phishing training.
  • Hardware Manufacturers USBKill has supplied hardware to 8/10 major electronics manufacturers to provide testing to current and upcoming hardware.
  • Industrial Clients USBKill is part of the testing processes for several critical-system industries, including the automotive, aerospace, medical and energy sectors.
  • Law Enforcement Government Services and Law Enforcement in over 23 countries deploy USBKill routinely, in both defensive (education and prevention) and offensive (field operations) scopes.

Is the USBKill safe?

The USBKill has been designed and tested to be safe and efficient.
It is both CE Approved and FCC Approved, and built and tested with the utmost priority on user safety.

Although totally safe to operate, the USBKill is a high voltage device - and should be treated with appropriate precautions. The USBKill V4 Tester has been redesigned to provide a visual indication when a USBKill / Power Surge attack is detected - without the breakout / spark cable of the previous generation.

The USBKill is a robust tool, built to withstand the rigours of regular usage in demanding conditions. The V4 provides significant improvement in stability, longevity and discretion - to protect the interests of all our clients.

Pro & Basic: What's the difference?

The USBKill V4 Pro and Basic share the same improved hardware: increased stability, internal battery for offline attacks.

The Pro Edition has several attack modes (Remote, Smartphone, Timed, Magnetic, Classic) and attack types (Single Pulse and Continuous Pulse). It can be configured via Smartphone, and triggered via dedicated remote control. The Pro can also be configured in "Classic Mode" - discharge is triggered when the device is plugged in ("Plug and Zap")

The Basic Version has no wireless functionality, and no extended attack modes. It is triggered manually via the included Magnetic Ring.

If performance is important: consider the Pro Edition. If budget is important, the Basic Edition. If you need the original behaviour, the V4 Classic.

Technical Questions

What is an "online" and "offline" attack?
The original V3 USBKill device rapidly charges its capacitors from the USB power lines when plugged into a powered (online) USB port. When the device is charged, -200VDC is discharged over the data lines of the host device. This cycle happens many times per second.

The USBKill V4 has an internal battery (recharged via USB), meaning it does not require power from a host device even if the device is turned off - and "offline".

How many times can the device be used?
Unlimited times.

What is the battery life?
The battery can make over 1000 discharges on a single charge, and has over 200 days in standby mode - with wireless enabled

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