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USB Kill Introduction

How it works

The USB Power Surge vulnerability is a common flaw in products with USB connections. To save money, manufacturers do not protect the power or data lines of devices, which leaves them open to attack.

When plugged into a device, the USB Killer rapidly charges its capacitors from the USB power lines. When charged, -200VDC is discharged over the data lines of the host device. This charge/discharge cycle is repeated many times per second, until the USB Killer is removed.

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USB Kill Testing Videos

A staggering 95% of consumer devices are vulnerable: laptops, telephones, consoles, cars, networking equipment.. Many industrial devices (ticket machines, control systems, in-flight entertainment systems) are also vulnerable.

Thanks to our clients, the USB Killer has been legally tested on hundreds of different devices, revealing which manufacturers have taken steps to protect their customers. The goal of legal testing is to raise awareness, forcing manufacturers to protect their customers.

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