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It's been one year since USB Kill was released - and to celebrate, we're giving everyone 10% off for a week.

Your discount is automatically applied storewide right now - so get started!

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The Annual USB Kill Summer Sale kicks off today! Get a massive 15% off everything store-wide.
Simply enter the code SUMMERSALE at checkout you qualify!

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Today, the USB Killer V3 & USB-C Adaptor Kit go head to head against the Nexus 7. As the video shows, despite being a flagship phone, the Nexus 7 has no protection against the USB Power Surge Attack - and is immediately and permanently crippled.

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The Google Home's USB port is a bit of a mystery.Will it fall to the power of the USB Killer V3 ? First you have to find the port - it's totally undocumented, and hidden under the plastic cover.Once uncovered, we needed to use the MicroUSB adaptor kit to allow the USB Kill V3 to do its thing.

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The USB Killer 3.0 versus an LG TV.This TV, like 95% of other consumer devices, is vulnerable to the USB Power Surge Attack via its rear-facing USB ports. Surviving the first round (but only just) - the TV finally surrenders in a way that we only though possible in the movies - corrupted screens, strange noises... Check it out below.  

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