USBKill V4 professional VS Apple mac mini M1

USBKill V4 professional VS Apple mac mini M1

Hi, today we are testing the new Apple mac mini M1.

The Mac Mini M1 is famous for being super powerful and very tiny.

This video is a little longer than usual cos the mac mini M1 is kinda built like a tank :)

There are 4 USB ports (so 4 different vectors of attack) 2 standard USB and 2 USB Type-C.

We started to test the 2 standard ports. Both were permanently disabled, it seems that the 2 standard ports are independent of each other and are not sharing the same controller. Also when each port was grilled the electricity from the USBKiller was not going further, I mean the motherboard was not compromised.

The port just died and it stopped the power surge to go deeper and affect anything else. The USB type C port wasn't that efficient to stop the USB power surge from the USBKiller.

When tested, the continuous charge seemed to affect more components (each 'click' sound heard while performing a test is most probably a component blowing up).

The video card is definitely affected and even if the Mac mini M1 from apple was still able to boot and stay on, no video signal except random glitches appeared making the Mac mini M1 vulnerable to the USBKill V4 (USB ports permanently disabled, and video card permanently disabled).

Thank you for watching and we hope to see you next time for another test. Stay safe and don't forget to subscribe to the channel.