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The USBKill V4 Pro dramatically increases testing possibilities. Previously devices had to be powered on, and have a powered USB port. With the USBKill V4 Pro, the internal battery provides its own power, which can be further augmented if the tested device has a powered port.
In addition, the USBKill Accessory Kits allow testing on dozens of interfaces - most of which are typically unprotected - including HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA and LAN ports - and also has female ports - if you have access to a cable but not the device itself (such as network cables, peripheral cables, etc).


Apple AirPods

Test Date

2020 December 3


In this test, we see the advantage of the USBKill V4, which is able to provide power from its internal battery in instances where the tested device does not output power. Likewise, the flexibility of the adapter family is seen in full effect. See the full test video 🠖

  • Tested Model

    Apple AirPods

  • Tested With

    USBKill V4 Pro

  • Result