USBKill Network Equipment Test Results

Network Equipment: routers, switches, modems and network ports are frequently targeted as attack vectors by penetration testers.
The latest USBKill V4 Pro device has a full suite of accessories that makes network testing even easier. The USB to RJ-45 (Male) attachment allow for plugging directly into an RJ-45 / LAN socket, and the USB to RJ-45 (Female) attachment allows for plugging in network cables directly to the USBKill.
If you're a pentetration tester, network infrastructure tests add further surface to your testing scope. If you're a NOC admin - it means you must ensure hardware is tested against this type of attack.


DLINK Router

Test Date

2020 October 15


We tested against a "generic" D-LINK router to demonstrate the use of the USBKill USB to RJ-45 (Male) adapter. The included RJ-45 (Female) adapter would also allow testing via a network cable. During our tests, the router was immediately disabled. See the full test video 🠖

  • Tested Model

    DLINK DIR-605L

  • Tested With

    USBKill V4 Pro

  • Result