USBKill vs 2FA Hardware Authentication Tokens

Physical Two-Factor Authentication Tokens are becoming more common - and hold all of our most confidential information: passwords, SSH keys, biometric information, and more. Learn which tokens are reliable, or which tokens to use that can be wiped in emergency circumstances with the USBKill.



Test Date

2021 March 29


YubiKey 5 Series works with the most web services and are feature-rich security keys that prevent account takeovers and offer one-tap login. Our tests reveal that the YubiKey 5 NFC is vulnerable to a USBKill attack. This means you need to key your YubiKey permanently in sight and secure - but also means that the USBKill V4 can be used to wipe your YubiKey if required. See the full test video 🠖

  • Tested Model

    YubiKey 5 NFC

  • Tested With

    USBKill V4 Pro

  • Result