USBKill Desktop / Server Computers Test Results

Ever since Version 1.0, the classic test device is a desktop computer. Synonymous with corporate workspace and ripe for exploitation by penetration testers, the USBKill adds complementary vectors for Red Teams. Due to the more robust nature of desktop machines - some tests are dramatic - including the CPU itself catching fire in specific instances.
Whereas previous versions of the USBKill required devices to be powered up, the battery inside the USBKill V4 Pro means that even powered off devices are vulnerable.


Desktop PC

Test Date

2018 - 2021


The USBKill 2 & 3 models were able to successfully disable desktop computers reliably. The USBKill V4 continues this legacy, but adds several new attack vectors - such as HDMI, DP, serial, network, etc  See the full test video 🠖

  • Tested Model


  • Tested With

    USBKill V2/V3/V4

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