Ultimate showdown: USB Kill vs iPhone 8

Ultimate showdown: USB Kill vs iPhone 8

After much anticipation (and standing in a long line) - the USB Kill team was able to buy and test the USB Kill V3 Pro Kit on an iPhone 8.

Incredibly, the iPhone 8 is vulnerable

Our tests showed that:

  • Data Lines: Killed 💀
  • Recharging: Killed 💀
  • Apple Lightning Adaptor: Killed 💀
  • Phone: Permanent Boot Loop 💀💀💀

For Apple, this represents a step backward from the iPad and the iPhone 7.
If you've got a new shiny iPhone 8 - be very careful what you plug it into.

For more information on how the USB Kill works, and to get your own Pro Kit for testing, check out the USB Kill v3 Pro Kit page.

You can check the full test video here :

 And if you wanted to see more, you can check 26 minutes of IPhone8 reboot loop.

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