USB Kill 2.0 VS USB-C (Zenphone 3)

USB Kill 2.0 VS USB-C (Zenphone 3)

In theory, USB-C could block all USB Kill Power Surge attacks.
The USB-C specification makes means for 'Authentication' - meaning that the host device would only accept approved, legitimate devices.

We are starting to see more and more USB-C devices on the market, including the new MacBook Pro 2016. has spent the last few months developing an Adaptor Kit - including a USB-C adaptor..

So, have manufacturers protected you? We paired the USB Kill and the USB-C Adaptor together - and the result? Instant Death.

According to our tests, manufacturers have not implemented USB-C authentication in their products, leaving the new generation of hardware vulnerable to USB Power Surge attacks.

Our Pro Kit is available - with three adaptors, tested against USB-C, Lightning and MicroUSB.
Our first test will be the USB 2.0 VS the iPhone 7.. don't miss the video.

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