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The USB Kill Pro Kit packaging has been redesigned from scratch to meet the needs of pen-testers worldwide.. Check out the ..

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The iPhone X, the phone that everyone wants to have, tested against the legendary USB Kill v3. We've already killed the iPhone 7, the iPhone 8 - will the X be destroyed? 

Find out in our video!

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The USBKill Pro Kits are available now on Amazon.

Take advantage of Amazon Prime's free overnight shipping - and pay in your local currency, and shipping to America, Europe and world-wide.

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The clash of the titans: Apple iPhone 7 secure lightning port comes head to head with the USB Kill V3 and adaptor pack.
Who wins? Check the video after the break.

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In theory, USB-C could block all USB Kill Power Surge attacks.
Have manufacturers protected you? Video after the break..

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