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The USBKill Pro Kits are available now on Amazon.

Take advantage of Amazon Prime's free overnight shipping - and pay in your local currency, and shipping to America, Europe and world-wide.

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Stay in touch with USB's latest news: Tests, Videos, Promos and more.We're all over social media - so subscribe and like ! Youtube Twitter Pinterest Facebook Instagram And of course, if you have particular questions on your orders simply send us a message.  

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Today, the USB Killer V3 & USB-C Adaptor Kit go head to head against the Nexus 7. As the video shows, despite being a flagship phone, the Nexus 7 has no protection against the USB Power Surge Attack - and is immediately and permanently crippled.

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The Google Home's USB port is a bit of a mystery.Will it fall to the power of the USB Killer V3 ? First you have to find the port - it's totally undocumented, and hidden under the plastic cover.Once uncovered, we needed to use the MicroUSB adaptor kit to allow the USB Kill V3 to do its thing.

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It's Cyber Monday Madness, and we're extending our 15% promotion site wide - get 15% off the USB Killer & the USB Killer Tester!

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